England, UKJune 11-13, 2024

FocusIn: Industry Leadership is set to occur in key locations around the UK.

The event is a collaborative effort by FocusIn and Frank Hayden, intended to provide a comprehensive perspective on the finest industry practices, continuous improvement ideologies, and systems advancement.

Delegates will be given exclusive tours to the main operating bases of leading manufacturing firms, providing unparalleled insight into their world-class production systems.


Registration - £3,495 per seat

  • Leadership Behaviour Workshops with Frank Hayden
  • Guided tours and workshops at top global companies: (Toyota Lean Management Centre at TMUK-Burnaston and Jaguar Land Rover Solihull (Workshop fees included in registration)
  • Group dinners & meals
  • Learning materials & resources
  • Ground transportation during the event
  • Optional - 2 nights hotel accommodation (additional £300)

Why The UK

The UK presents a distinctive operational landscape that fosters abundant learning opportunities. As one of the world's leading industrialized economies, the UK is home to a plethora of companies that set the benchmark in their respective fields. This event will leverage this setting to facilitate site visits with globally-leading firms, offering participants a close-up view of exceptional manufacturing practices.

Event Agenda We are pleased to offer a blend of learning experiences

Tuesday, June 11th
Production Tour at Toyota UK
Introductory Lunch
TPS Workshop at Toyota UK
Reflection with Frank Hayden & transfer to Hotel
Group dinner (optional to attend)


Wednesday, June 12th
Leading a Business through Risk
with Frank Hayden
Driving Business Growth
with Frank Hayden
Debrief & Reflection
Group dinner (optional to attend)


Thursday, June 13th
Production Tour at Jaguar Land Rover Solihull
Closing Lunch & Debrief

Event Highlights

Site Visits at Industry-Leading Companies

Embark on a journey through some of the UK's most cutting-edge manufacturing facilities with detailed tours of the factory environments at leading firms.

Following the tours, there will be a group debrief:

  • Group Observations and Question & Answer Session - Benefit from Frank Hayden's unique insights drawn from his extensive experience as a corporate leader in Manufacturing.
  • Group Discussion Focused on Engaging a Workforce and Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement - Engage in lively conversations comparing different strategies for motivating employees and nurturing an environment of unceasing progress and enhancement.

Workshop Content and Objectives

Learn business resilience firsthand from our facilitators, along with other participating members of the workshop.

  • Gain insight from leading companies' operations and management systems on the journey of continuous improvement
  • Learn from demonstrated operations planning, system flow, and project management in mature supply chains
  • Understand the quality-driven relationship between the supplier base and operations

Workshop Sessions with Frank Hayden

Frank is one of Europe's leading industrialists, leading the strategic and operational transformation of several high-technology businesses, including Land Rover, BMW, Airbus, BAE Systems, and Rolls-Royce. He has worked at the main board level for these companies and led the launch of several iconic and world-leading products. Franks now works as a consultant and non-executive director, and he has served more than 300 client leadership teams across a wide range of industries worldwide. Franks frequently supports the owners of medium size, high-technology businesses to accelerate their business growth and resilience plans. Frank’s passion is: “Coaching senior executive teams to help them plan and implement ambitious business transformation strategies."

Guest Information Hotel Accommodation (2 nights)

Delta Hotels Birmingham

Our central location provides the convenience of hotel accommodation and workshop sessions situated in the heart of the city. This also offers easy access to nearby restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

For more information regarding local attractions, please visit https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/