Adaptive - People Development System

Adaptive is a software platform for People Development practitioners designed to enhance Learning Management. The platform is built around engagement and accountability in skill development, collaborative training, and role planning. The benefits include quantifiable, measurable, and trackable results related to your learning and development objectives. Unlike other LMS platforms, the Adaptive system enables companies to go from good intentions to great execution through a clearly defined skill development framework.

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Mike Hoseus

Mike is Executive Director for the Center for Quality People & Organizations (CQPO), an organization developed in 1999 as a vision of Toyota Motor Manufacturing to share Lean Quality philosophy and human resource practices with education, business, and community organizations.

Mike is an adjunct professor with the University of Kentucky’s Center for Manufacturing, the University of Dayton’s Center for Competitive Change and a member of the faculty of Lean Enterprise Institute. Prior to CQPO, Mike was a corporate leader for 13 years at Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s Georgetown, Kentucky, plant both in Human Resources and Manufacturing.

Mike currently supports organizations with Lean Culture transformations focusing on the roles of Executive Management and Human Resources and how the quality people value stream connects to the production value stream.

Frank Hayden

Frank is one of Europe's leading industrialists, having led the strategic and operational transformation of a number of high-technology businesses, including Land Rover, BMW, Airbus, BAE Systems, and Rolls-Royce. He has worked at the main board level for these companies and led the launch of a number of iconic and world-leading products. Franks now works as a consultant and non-executive director, and he has served more than 300 client leadership teams, across a wide range of industries, all over the world. Most frequently, Franks supports the owners of medium size, high-technology businesses to accelerate their business growth and resilience plans. Frank’s passion is: “Coaching senior executive teams, to help them plan and implement ambitious business transformation strategies."


Nortus is the largest Lean company in the Baltic states, offering consulting services on effective management practices. Nortus specializes in problem solving, crisis management, Lean application, and organizing practical TWI (Training Within Industry). They currently provide services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland.

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ALFRA is committed to delivering integrated solutions to support companies that are working to achieve a breakthrough transformation. Alfra engages with clients through world-class development programs and consulting services. They also offer many courses and workshop events throughout the world.

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Michael Hyche

Michael Hyche had an accomplished career as a senior operating executive for middle market food companies prior to forming Process Capability Partners in 2015. Mr. Hyche has engaged in a variety of situations and in multiple roles including operations, business development, and technical services leadership. Over the course of his career, he has spear-headed numerous value creation initiatives – capacity expansions and facility start-ups; new processing and packaging technology commercialization; and has led a variety of company turnarounds. He is a recognized thought leader in several industry consortia to advance the state of the art in food processing and manufacturing.

Ben Hoseus

Ben Hoseus is a senior associate with Process Capability Partners who engages with individuals and organizations on the journey of continuous improvement. Working globally as a consultant, Ben utilizes his experience to guide engagements through coaching, workshop facilitation, and project management with the goal to develop the capability of both people and processes. Ben has worked with international corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and non-profit organizations across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. In addition to expertise in Finance and Human Resources, Ben has experience in operations across a variety of sectors including food production, manufacturing, logistics, textiles, military apparel, tourism, and professional services.